Sunday, February 5, 2012

Flames Buyers?

Flames Buyers….For now

Less than a month away from the trade deadline day and the Flames find themselves in a tough scenario. The Flames find themselves four points out and have a tough task ahead if they hope to claim that final playoff spot. Minnesota will be the team they need to knock off and although that seems reasonable, reality is Colorado, Dallas and Phoenix are all in the same belief.

If the Flames seriously believe they can reach that final spot than management should react soon. Many injuries and lack of scoring have me worried. I know Kiprusoff has been solid and will most likely continue to be that way but this team can’t sit back and hope that is the case. Feaster keeps echoing the owners mentally of “win now” and although the Morrison for Connolly deal made sense it does not help this team win today. So let’s take a look at who may be available to help the Flames take that next step:

Derek Roy- Some “insiders” believe Roy is available and will be moved by the deadline. I like Roy and I would love him on the Flames roster; he wins face offs, character guy and is a #1 centre that can pass the puck. But what would it cost? I could not imagine Buffalo moving him without a piece coming back or a high end prospect. Likely they would want someone like Backlund and a pick, although I do not think Buffalo would take that deal.

The Flames are at max NHL contracts so to add a body they need to move a body or more.

Jeff Carter- This seemed to be the Flavour of the week last week; from Darren Dreger mentioning the Flames to the Carter sweepstakes to twitter blowing up with random suggestions regarding a trade. With his lengthy contract and the price to acquire Carter (player +1st rd pick + prospect) I just can’t see Feaster making that happen.

Jason Blake- Although Anaheim has not given up on their playoff hopes it is believed they will sell a few players real soon. Jason Blake who recently returned from injury, has been playing well and has drawn some interest from teams. Obviously with him having an expiring contract at season’s end it makes him attractable to a team looking for depth up front. If the Flames are indeed in talks over Jason Blake I can only see this strictly as a rental situation to replace Stempniak while he is injured. Blake’s speed and maturity would be a nice fit for the Flames as long as they do not give up to much. Perhaps a Mitch Wahl or Henrik Karlsson can make that deal happen.

Although we need some offensive help I wouldn’t mind seeing an upgrade on the back end. Butler is playing too much and it has not been pretty. I also see Sarich being shipped out soon so perhaps Feaster has his eye on a few d-men to upgrade the top 4.

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  1. Unfortunately we are going after a Centre I still think its Roy over Carter. The only major trouble is fitting the cap in.


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