Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let's Figure this out

Let’s figure this out

With the trade deadline less than three weeks away GM’s are gearing up for what will be a couple hectic weeks. Scouts scrambling and many flights will be booked across North America.

The big question right now is which teams are buyers and what teams are sellers. Clearly Columbus, Carolina and Edmonton are clear cut sellers. Teams like Montreal, Buffalo and Anaheim will be limited sellers who will look to make moves that won’t hurt the team’s ability next year. For the other bubble teams; Phoenix, Dallas, Tampa, NYI, Winnipeg, Florida, Colorado and Calgary all have to decide what they are in the next two weeks.

I know Feaster has said loud & clear that the Flames are building to win and win now. But he won’t pull the trigger on a big deal; maybe he can’t or maybe he himself is not sold on the “win now” mentally by the owners. Regardless Feaster and the rest of the Flames group have to figure it out quickly. Personally if Feaster waits until February 27th to improve this team it could be too late. Right now with so many teams believing they are still in the playoff picture the price of certain players (Ruutu, Roy, Hemsky & Pitkanen) is higher than most GM’s would like.

So what should Feaster do? Overpay and pray it works out? I just can’t see him doing that and I do not think the Flames are in that position. I just cannot see Feaster forking over Backlund, prospect and our 1st round pick for the likes of Jeff Carter.

Perhaps my opinion is not shared by most but I would be shocked if Feaster and the Flames buy high for Jeff Carter. Derick Brassard might be the guy that Feaster puts the load on. We know he was hot after Kyle Turris and Derick Brassard fits the mould. Young guy high ceiling that would be a lower risk than acquiring Carter and his lengthy contract. I would say “Sam Gagner” but like the Oilers would make that deal sending their new golden boy to their rivals.

My thoughts what are yours?

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