Saturday, February 11, 2012

Number One Center?

Number One Center?
A lot of Flames fan and myself included have been waiting for that key number one center to play with Jarome Iginla but recently when I saw the Glencross - Jokinen - Iginla line put together It showed me that Jokinen can play with Iggy he has developed chemistry with the big center. It showed even more when the Tanguay - Jokinen - Iggy line was put together that Jokinen has found his game between Iggy and tangs. A lot of people have been critizing the big forward ever since he was signed as a free agent but I think it was a great signing and Olli has shown us he can play that “Big Mans” game that everyone’s been talking about. Maybe the whole team should go and eat big macs like Olli get some more goals for the team. But in all seriousness I Think the Flames shouldn’t go after a Carter because we don’t want to lose more talent and Prospects that we need especially don’t want to lose players like (Brodie, Backlund, Bartschi, or Irving) and a first round pick. That’s a huge price for a number one center that has a huge contract. So I believe the Flames should go after a number two center like Gagner I know it will never happen but I’d love a number two center with potential like Gagner. We need help in the center position badly if we want to start winning. I believe with another second line center or Derek Roy we can be a better team down the middle (Jokinen, Roy, Backlund, Jones, Horak) Would be a good group of centers (In my opinion). But the price for Roy I don’t really know what we’d give up.
In other news I want to address is Mikeal Backlund and his play this year. I believe he is still a great player with a ton of potential and can be that top 6 forward we want him to be. He’s Just taking time to blossom into that type of player we see the skill he has. I just think people Should stop putting so much heat on him to produce he’s a young guy the goals will come. Just thought I’d say that cause there’s so much heat on him from the fans and from media got to stop blaming players for not producing it just hurts there confidence. Goals will come it’s a tough market to play in. Every player goes through it cause of the media and it really bothers me. But I love how Backlund’s been playing and I can see him producing soon.
The Jones trade has been a great trade Jones has been a great gritty player who gets under the skin of players, blocks shots, plays hard and tries to chip in if he can. I know he’s not the best player but it’s a win for the trade we got he’s been exactly what we wanted and he deserves to be a Calgary Flame.  Another player I have been impressed with is Leland Irving he has been amazing in net and having Kipper as his teacher is a great plus. I believe he can be the starter When Kipper retires the kid has a great future I believe.  Sutter’s coaching has been a concern of a lot of Flames fans and I don’t know if we should Blame him or not I think it’s partly his fault and a little bit of the players faults as well but Kipper has been absolutely amazing for us and we should give him more support offensively but Injures has been a huge thing this year for Calgary and it’s hurt our offense. Last thing I want to say is that Kipper and Iggy will never be traded I believe they will retire as a Flame.

-Justin (@Justinbeatty777)

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