Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Same old Same Old

I have seen many lows and many highs this season but deadline day had to be the all time low of the season. The Flames had to do something, whether it was buying or selling, they had to make up their minds.

Supposedly the Flames were buyers, and they had the mental attitude of going in to do so. Feaster had to have some kind of plan going into the day. Somehow or somewhere that plan failed to execute. The Flames failed to buy or sell. Instead, they stood pat.

That pretty much tells the players that they are happy with the way they have been playing. They are telling everyone that this team is good enough, where every team around them did something to improve. The Flames apparently felt that with acquisition of Cammy, they did not have to do anything big. News flash: when the Kings acquired Carter, it would behove the Flames to have gotten another second line Center.

Now I hear the Flames rebuttle on this: right now Cammy is the best or second best centerman. But seriously, look at the statement right there: Cammy is not even a Center. What is that saying about the Flames' state of affairs?

Now from what I have been told, the prices were too high and Feaster was not willing to risk it. I really am confused with this statement, simply because Feaster has told everyone that they are winning now. If you are winning now but aren't willing to risk going for it, then why are you winning now?

It is obvious that this team is not good enough to compete in the West. In fact, the only reason they are close is because they are in the worst division in the league. Their record within their own division is so impressive that it is keeping them in the playoffs.

The problem is, they are playing the Pacific, and the last time they beat the Ducks or the Coyotes on the road was in 1956. And they are not much better in Texas against the Stars. They play the Kings and the Sharks very well on the road. But guess what? Both of those teams made improvements to their roster. When the Kings and Sharks and Coyotes were improving, Feaster was hemming and hawing, complaining that the price was to high.

Everyone wants to know why the Flames are so inconsistent. Let me tell you a secret: they are not much better than a 500 team. The reason they are not playing any better is I am not too sure they can.

The one bright side is they have one of the best goalies in the league in Kipper, who will keep them in every game. The problem is that every team they are chasing have a stud in net too, except for the Coyotes. And you know what? Smyth is playing like in his Dallas days right now.

But Kipper can't make the Flames score, and he cannot control the other teams goalie, which puts the Flames between a rock and a hard place. Which means same old, same old.

I know I have been really hard on the Flame of late, but seriously -- the Flames have been . . . well . . . not good. My job as a blogger in not to be a fan, but really to report. So I report that all is not sweet and jolly at the moment. The Flames have to play 700 for the rest of the season. Yeah; good luck with that.

As for the injury update; it sounds like Moss is coming close, and Jones could be back within three weeks. I am not so sure that Glencross didn't come back too soon.


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