Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sleeping time again on the Dead Line.

Everyone is expecting the Calgary Flames to do something big this Monday, landing the big fish Jeff Carter. The chances of that happening are slim to none. The Flames can't simply match the offer the Kings can give, or even the Leafs.

The second reason is the emergence of Cammy as a Centre, and promptly becoming the best faceoff man on the team. That is a sad statement in itself. Seriously, the Flames faceoff record is not pretty. But with Glencross close to the starting line-up, Tangs can move to the 2nd line, so Cammy can have a playmaker with him.

The less obvious reason it won't happen is that I don't think that Jeff Carter is the Centre the Flames need. In my honest opinion, the Flames need a centre who is a playmaker, someone who can distribute the puck to the wingers. This is something that Cammy so badly needs, which Tangs can fill now that Glencross is very close to coming back.

It is obvious that the Flames need support scoring, a consistent second line would be vital for the Flames. Jay Feaster is pretty sure he has that, now that Glencross is back. The only way the Flames go after a big name is if he gets something that is just too good to pass up.

That role could be filled by Derick Roy in Buffalo. The main problem with this deal is simply economics. The Flames could use Roy, but at what price? The injury to Backlund really hurts their chances of acquiring Roy. The Sabres are going to want some talent and a first round draft pick. That would not be any problem if the Flames could have the best young talent.

This is the main reason the Flames are looking to get a Centre who is a faceoff specialist. I know what most of you are saying; the Kings and Coyotes are making a statement, why don't the Flames? But seriously, the Flames getting their health back may be the statement they need in order to fight for that last playoff spot.

This much we do know about the Flames; they are talking to the Sabres, Caps, and Panthers at least. I suspect it is just tinkering for the playoffs. Sorry, Flames, it's another boring deadline this season.

As I write this article: Carter looks like he is going to the Kings.

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