Monday, February 6, 2012

The Stupid Cycle

The biggest and the most annoying or absurd comment I have heard lately is about the Flames being buyers. There is nothing that burns me more than another crazy General Manager getting pressured into making a run for the playoffs.

I would not mind this if I really thought the Flames had a chance. Seriously, this team is not even close. At best, they are lucky to to be a playoff team.

Right now they are fighting for their lives just to make it to the playoff. I know the saying that anything could happen in the playoffs. It is true, a hot goalie could carry the team in the playoffs. But seriously, Kipper would have to be near perfect to win the cup.

They are two games above the 500 mark. They are one of the most inconsistent teams in the league. I have watched this team give the best teams in the league a run for their money, splitting with the Wings, for example, but on the other hand losing to the Jackets twice this season.

The only consistent player they have had is Kipper, without whom the Flames would be below the Oilers in the standings. Their best dman is JBO, who is paid almost $7 million and has only scored 4 goals this season.

The problem is that he would not be a number one dman on most of the teams in the league, only a 2 or 3 dman There is the problem -- the leaders on this team do not match the talent of the contenders.

In fact, they are just barely ahead of the lower echelon teams. I'll throw this out there - if the Flames weren't in the pathetic division they are, they would not be even be a 500 team. They still have to play the west for the bulk of the season -- have fun, guys.

It is common knowledge that I am not the biggest Flames fan right now, in fact, I am almost the opposite. But I blog on this team, and have kept track of this team since there were dinosaurs. And for the last what seems to be the whole decade, this team has not changed. They get enough talent to stay close in the playoff hunt and pick between 13th and 16th, and then mess that up. Except last year, the Flames actually picked the best player available.

They are on what I call “the stupid cycle”; meaning they are battling again and again for the eighth or maybe seventh. Lately, they are missing the playoffs by two or four points. Tell me, what is the point of ruining the future when they don't even have a present? But alas, every year we go through the same cycle, the stupid cycle.

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  1. I can't agree more! Something needs to change and real quickly. I want a direction not this same "stupid cycle" time to sell is now. I like your blogs on here


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