Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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Press Conference

The press conference that was held by Mr. Feaster was a bunch of nothing. He pretty much said losing was not acceptable and every player will be  reevaluated. Which basically means, he has to ask the owners who stays and who doesn't.

So what do we know about the Iggy situation?  This much we know: They meet next week to discuss options.  Iginla does not want to do a rebuild.  Iggy does not expect to be a Flame next season. The  Flames are exploring options and will more than  likely ask Iginla to waive.  Iginla has not mentioned a preference on where he wants to play.  He wants to win and is tired of losing.

This much we know; with the Flames, there will be changes this season.  They will be short of a total rebuild.  If an Iggy trade happens,  they will get value back.  But there is no guarantee  that there will be a trade.  At this moment, both sides are leaning towards a deal.  It might be hard to swing because of  the PR situation.

I will continue to work hard on the Season Report Card blog.


  1. Starting to sound more and more like he will be gone. Sad news but I understand

  2. Would owners really trade Iginla? I would be shocked and upset; change the coach and get rid of Ken King.

  3. I doubt Iginla waives or agrees to be traded until he sees who the coach is. Iginla is in no rush and IF he did want to be traded he may wait untill the trade deadline. Plus this off-season Feaster will change the look of this team and it may excite Jarome to stick around!


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