Friday, June 22, 2012

Jankowski it is!

Flames draft Mark Jankowski from Stanstead Quebec Prep School. Flames made this selection after trading the 14th overall pick to Buffalo for the 21st overall pick and the 42nd overall pick.

Jankowski is a prospect that is going to take time. He is a project.  Some fans will be angry and some will be eager to see what Mark Jankowski becomes. I believe if this is who Flames management and scouting staff felt was the best prospect available outside of the top 10, then I will support the decision.

Jankowski was asked who he models his game after. He responded saying “I like the way Malkin plays”. This came after Flames management said “he looks like a young Nieuwendyk”. Comparisons are easy, remember Kris Chucko? Needless to say, we are going to have to be patient. Mark Jankowski will likely take 3-4 years before he can potentially crack the Flames line up.

Jankowski played hockey against the weakest competition compared to any other first round pick. Now he will go to the Dubuque Fighting Saints of the USHL. We will quickly find out how he handles better competition and he will have an opportunity to grow and gain experience rapidly.

The Jankowski selection makes it two consecutive years where Randy Workman guessed the players the Flames would draft. It shows you how Randy (@thefanblogger) is not afraid to make a bold educated prediction. He clearly did his homework and had some inside info. Well done Randy!

Flames will select in the second round due to the trade they made. Pick number 42 now belongs to the Flames. Stay tuned to Flamesjambalaya for your Flames news.


  1. Great job fanblogger! much respect

  2. Randy I must ask you for tonight's lotto numbers?


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