Friday, June 1, 2012

Observations on Hartley becoming Flames Coach

Here are a few observations about the Flames news. The hiring of Bob Hartley pretty much means the rebuild project is, well, totally gone. There is no way we have the Flames starting over; which basically means one thing -- crap!

Basically, the Flames are going for it again and again. They are fighting for a last playoff spot. They are hoping that we can play Kipper for another 70 game season, and hope he can steal 45 wins. And pray that he can actually steal 50 wins.

This much we do know: the Flames still want another top-6 forward, and they are trying to shop Jbo. They want more cap space in the off-season. Hartley wants offense now.

They realize that the system is not working. The problem is clearing cap space to make the changes they need. The easiest way they can do this is by trying Jbo.

Looking ahead to the draft, the Flames want a top line centre, but they have to clear cap to do it. They want a first line centre. They have failed for eons and eons. Last time we had a first line centre, we traded him to Toronto. That number 93 guy played with the '89 team who won the cup. The only difference this year is that the Flames have finally realized that this system they have sucks, and it is time to fix it.

I just wish it would have been a full rebuild


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