Monday, July 30, 2012

Flames update

Breaking news - I have been told that the Wings offer for JBO is Jonathan Ericsson, Valterri Filppula, and a late round draft pick. I am not too sure on the pick ; all we know for sure is that it is a late rounder.

The problem with the Flames' side is that Filppula only has one year left. The Flames want a commitment from him before the they make the deal.

The problem with the Wings' side of the deal is that it is contingent on the Wings losing out on Yandle. The Wings' priority right now is Yandle. The other key factor here is that Jay Feaster is in no hurry to trade Bouwmeester. They don't need to and Feaster won't trade him until Feaster gets what he wants, period. Additionally, Ericsson has not yet waived, and the Wings can't move until he has.


  1. I'd do this deal in a New York second.

  2. i will losse my mind if we get this! Feaster has robbed every team hes traded with! Stemps a 20 goals scorer if healthy for an old recovering Langkow, then lazy irrelevant most nights Bourque for Cammy who got to 20 goals and is unreal with iggy now this? what a guy

  3. The same Fanblogger who has got multiple trades/signings/draftpicks right. i trust him 100%.

  4. People need to relax. He does not say IT WILL happen. This is info he got from a very reliable source. They are known not to BS people. This deal will likely not happen but at least Randy had the courage to give us real info.
    Keep up the good work

  5. Although I doubt this rumour, thefanblogger has got stuff right before. Example: Phaneuf trade, Jankowski draft choice (2 weeks before draft) also I think he had the Ian White to Carolina deal.

  6. The Calgary Herald just reported that Detroit has made a pitch for Jay Bouwmeester. For what it's worth.


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