Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Small update on Jbo.

The Flames may not be shopping Jbo, but that is not stopping the list of teams from knocking at Jay's door. So far, we have heard there have been inquiries from the Wings, Flyers, Blues, Isles, Bruins, and of course you have to add the Oilers.

Mr. Feaster continues to tell everyone we are not shopping Jbo, but you have to wonder if Jbo's days are numbered. On a curious note, the Oilers offer will not come until they talk to Jbo. They, of course, will first have to ask the Flames if they can talk to Jbo!

Appearantly, they want to make sure he will waive to play. They are the first team to go this route. The other teams are confident he would. The Oilers are kind of gun shy.

I did some checking into this and was told Jbo was not interested last time they asked. The Oil showed interest before, but Jbo declined. They seem to think the young playes could persuade him to waive. have been told several teams have shown interest for Jbo's services. So if you were GM, what would you do?

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  1. If I were Calgary, I`d deal outside the Western Conference. Trading away a defenseman of Bouwmeester`s Calibre to a Division+Conference Rival only benefits the team he goes to. I`d rather deal with a Top 8 East Bruins, Penguins, Devils, Flyers,


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