Sunday, January 6, 2013

Why oh why?

How many of us remember where we were at 3:25 am Calgary time this morning? I, for one, was fast asleep. For the hockey world, it began a new world.  Let the season begin and the hockey fans rejoice.

With the rejoicing, the questioning, and huge questions there will be. 

The first question: How many games does Kipper play?

That depends on whether it is a 48 game schedule or a 50 game schedule. If it is 48 game schedule, Kipper plays 48. guess how many he plays in a 50 game schedule?  Seriously, he has to play 40-45 games. If he doesn't, he won't be eligible for the first pick next season.

The biggest question I had for Jay Feaster: Are you crazy? Jay will be questioned on the signings of Wideman and Hudler.

Why did we pay Wideman over 5 million a season?

Mostly because our powerplay sucked. Let's face facts: it was beyond terrible. With Wideman the Flames pick up a dman who can be a powerplay quarterback.  He has decent puck-moving skills, which the Flames desperately need.  Yes, he was expensive, but other owners would have given him at least $6 million.

Why did the Flames pay Hudler $4 million a year?

Simply put, we needed a top-6 forward. Our top 6 were weak last year. We could not score last year. Even if Hudler scores 5 goals, he will triple our offense. Hudler would not be a top-6 forward on most teams, and paying $4 million for a third line forward is a reprehensible.

So going into the season, there are a lot of question, and with them, some anxiety.

Should the Flames trade Iggy?

Only if they are rebuilding. Because that is the statement they will be giving their fans. Iggy has said time and time again that he does not want to go, and he should not go.

My thoughts:

This lockout has taken its toll on the image of the game. The owners and players have made complete fools out of themselves, having complete mental breakdowns and temper tantrums and not speaking for weeks at a time.

What was really distressing to me were the players' comments on Twitter, especially if you disagreed with them. I am very disappointed in the way the players and owners handled themselves. This season wasn't saved, it was almost lost. There there is a difference. It was a total farce, and it was embarrassing that it went this far.  The biggest losers in this mess were the fans, who had no voice in the negotiations.


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