Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Iggy, Iggy, where art thou?

So there has been a lot of calling out our Captain. The main problem I have is that he has not played with his heart. I can forgive the slumps and the mistakes, but cannot forgive the lackluster effort of this team. As captain of this team, Iggy has to lead by example.

I am not even worried about his numbers. He does not have to lead this by numbers;  we have other players: Hudler, Cervenka, Stempniak, and Glencross. He does not have to hit everyone in sight; we have
Jackman, Jones, Sarich, and Begin to fill that role. He does not even have to be be our fastest skater; we  have Glencross or Comeau to do that.

So what do we need from our leader? We need his heart. The Flames need him do his job. Iggy of late has been invisible. We need to see the Captain show some emotion.  Previously, whenever we needed a play or a hit, a shift, or the big goal, Iggy would be the one to do it.  Lately he has been a no-show sometimes and has played well at others. He just has to be there all the time.

The Flames have been guilty of not putting teams away.  We have to bury chances and put the teams away. If the Flames want in, they have to bring the heart back in. The leaders have to lead and the followers will follow. Paging Mr. Iginla!

This and that:

Kipper is gone for at least two more weeks. The Flames are showing us why they claimed MacDonald, a move which gives us 49 player contracts. We have four goalies and 8 dmen; both numbers are rather high. So what happens next?  Here are my wishes.  (Only my personal thoughts, not inside info.)

1. Simply please pick up a Center. The Flames are a little weak up the middle. My preference would be Brassard from the Jackets. 

2. Get a winger with some grit. We need a ***** disturber. Someone to get the stars off their game. We need a player like Prust who will go to the limit for his teammates.

So there is my wish list. What is yours?

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