Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let's make a deal!

I found the second fan blog segment very entertaining, as we asked you to play General Manager, and gives us your best Iginla-to-Pens proposals. There has been so many Iggy-to-Pens rumours, I thought I would ask the fans what they think we could get for Iginla.

Here is what I consider best from the submissions we got:

From John and Shaun

Thinking Beau Bennett, Olli Maatta, and a first.

Two solid prospects and a first. I really like this package, it gives us a starting point. If the Pens were to offer this, I would be very happy to receive this. Beau Bennett is the typical power forward.  I like his ability around the net, maybe in a few years he can replace Iginla. Maatta is a solid defenseman with good size and good hockey sense. He has tons of potential, and is a good solid package.

From Matt and Frank

Despres, Beau Bennett, and a first round pick - which I think is fair value.

I like this package because of Despres, a solid defencemen with Beau Bennett who has been getting a lot of ice time. He is a solid forward with a lot of potential, I still like the Bennett and Maatta offer a little more, although Despres is a play-now offer. The Flames do need a solid young d-man to come in now. 

From Terry

Flames need a second round pick. So, first, second (conditional on re-sign or cup), Brian Gibbons, Derrick Pouliot.

I would love the Flames to have Derrick Pouliot.  He is a solid d-man with loads of potential. Gibbons, a Centre, might fit into the Flames plans very well, as we are very weak down the middle. Two solid pieces, plus a first and a second conditional would be great, if the Pens would give us this much.


I won't be at all surprised if it's Kennedy and a first, possibly another prospect.

Kennedy would be a nice addition to the Flames. He could be inserted into the line-up right now. The first round pick is a must. Also, getting another prospect would be nice for our depleted prospects. A pretty fair option, which I think the Pens would be willing to do.


Letang, Bennett, Morrow, and a first for Iginla and Nemisz.

If the Pens would do this, I think I would go screaming with delight in the street. I would also vote Feaster for Prime Minister, despite him being an American. I love Letang; he is one of the best today, Also, getting rid of Nemisz would be an awesome benefit.

Then there is the comment I got from a Pens fan:


I'll give you the Pittsburgh perspective. It’s gonna happen. But we don’t know what will happen. We are interested. 

There you have it; everyone knows the Pens are interested, it is only a matter of whether we we can put the packages together to make both parties happy.

I myself would love to get Bennett and Maatta from the Pens. It would an awesome beginning for a rebuild.


  1. Is Deren crazy? That will NEVER ever happen. Even to ask for that return is a crime. I think everyone's returns are high. Realistically I see the Flames getting one top prospect (Morrow, Maata or Bennett) and a 2nd rd pick. Ray Shero is smart, he wont sell the future to add a rental. I see Clowe coming to Pittsburgh over Iginla.
    I understand that Flames fans hold Iginla high and want a substantial return; however he is old, lost a step and is no longer a power forward. Bennett and a 2nd rd pick is the max I would offer.
    Great blog Randy as always!

  2. I like the returns! And in my opinion Feaster should ask for a lot in return. If Pittsburgh land him they will win the Stanley Cup. However I believe the team that gets him will be the Rangers if Iginla approves a trade. Also Sather is crazy enough to pay a high price.

  3. Dion I really think pens will offer Bennett and a first Flames will conter and they will settle with somewhere between.

    Jennifer that is a great point Rangers need to make the playoffs they could get desperate

  4. Why is no one talking about Carolina? Less pressure, decent team with a solid core. Semin's money comes off the books and they could resign Iginla. Viktor Rask could be a prospect the Flames could land from them. In my opinion Canes would be a great fit for Iginla and his family.

  5. Great point Trevor the Canes are great young team. There fighting for a division title in the weakest division. Can you imagine Iggy with the Staals that would be scary.

  6. Has ownership asked Iginla to go yet? Brian Burke rumoured to be interview for Ken Kings job, any truth?

    1. Brendon ownership have not asked . As for Burke we have heard them rumor but have no conformation on the rumor. Sorry Brendon wish I could.

  7. Iginla will re-sign with the Flames. The real question should be what will the Flames get for Jay Bouwmeester

  8. I agree Nico Jbo will be shopped. You have a good point ownership might not let iginla go.

  9. Sadly Iginla will remain a flame, I dont see the flames doing much despite all the buzz, I hope I am wrong but I do not thing so.

  10. Anon I am afraid you might be right Iggy may notveven waive.


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