Monday, March 4, 2013

Rebuild or reload: Part One

Today's blog is part one of two: Should the Flames rebuild or reload.   We have been telling people we are a fan site, so I felt that I should put my money where my mouth is.  As a result , I thought it was time for the fans to have a sound off.  

Bryan Murphy ‏

Rebuild is required. I want to be heard.     

When the past shines better than there present or the future, you should know it's time to rebuild.   

This seems to be the most frustrating for the fans. Why is the most obvious option only obvious to the fans and not to the Flames? The Flames refuse to believe this team cannot win the Stanley Cup. They go through this every cycle every year. Thanks, Bryan. Bryan is a great fan who has always been a great support.


A retool/rebuild can happen IF the Flames trade Iginla, Kipper, & Bouw this year. Re-sign Iggy in off season & run with Ramo.   

Terry also had another solution;  Plan C: Getzlaf.

Terry, I really believe this is the way Feaster is planning to go. I like the addition of Getzlaf, a solid first line centre. He has all the tools to be one. Great insight, Terry


Yes, ownership and management need to know we won't accept or support this team anymore without change. Rebuild like yesterday. 

Wess added on why he wanted to be heard:  Maybe if enough fans show they support a rebuild, the Flames brass will move forward.

Wess added a comment that I thought that was insightful, bringing the ownership into this. I feel they have a stronger say in this. I think that they feel there is no money in a rebuild. Just maybe everyone needs to change their thinking.  Get a little more open minded.  Ownership should listen to their fans.
Primlar ‏

Primlar said they should have blown it up four years ago.     

Fans have been wanting this for years, Primlar is not alone. Fans have been telling me this all season, hoping over and over that someone will listen to them.          


Major changes need to happen and it starts with Iggy and Kipper. It's time to move on.  Cory adds: hope Ken king and Feaster read this.

Obviously Cory is not alone. The core of this team has not got it done. Our prospects cupboard is bare and has been bare for some time.   Here is another person hoping the Flames management is listening 


Yes; not a year down but do need to change this mediocre culture of success. We have heard it for 2 years now, yet realistically, improvements that need to be made have not been made.

Shaun, you're making some good points. I wrote a blog just recently called the "stupid cycle" about the Flames going over the same mistakes over and over again.

Another Shawn:

There was another Shawn who just plainly said "rebuild". He has said this to me several times recently.  He, like other fans, is very frustrated with this team.

One of my best friends described the problem in a nutshell: When Jackmen and Begin are your best players, that should tell you something right there about this team. 

Several other fans have made comments to me:  Why is the youth like Crevenka being benched?  Why is Sven on the fourth line?  Why is it when we have a great prospect we misuse him?

I am sure there are fans out there who want to reload; but they have not come to me.  These fans feel the Flames need to change direction. I am just not so sure management  and ownership have the patience to do so.

This a part one of "Rebuild or Reload?"  We will be doing a Flames panel on the same question.


  1. But will ownership listen? NO! Iginla has all the control and it should not be like that. We have committed ownership but they use their hearts not their brain....

  2. My prediction: Flames make the playoffs (7th seed) They will stand firm at the trade deadline. They may move a d-man but also try acquire a #4 shut down type d-man. Also, I don't want a rebuild.

  3. I will my judgement when do the flames panel

  4. I meant reserve my judgement


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