Friday, March 22, 2013

Reload or REBUILD?

Did you notice I put rebuild in capitals ? My pet peeve with this organization is that every year we go for broke so we can get eighth. Every year they fall short, and they ruin their chance for a good draft choice.

The Flames core, simply put, did not get it done. We have a lot of pieces that could build a bright future. A bright, future is whole lot nicer than a dark and dreary present and no future. We can't afford to finish ninth or tenth and miss out another top 10 pick. If you are not going to make the playoffs, you might take your losses and get out of town.

The pieces include:


A leader, a power forward who can carry a team on his back. Several teams would be interested in his services. A first pick, and a prospect at least.


Probably the Flames' best asset, a minute eater, and best offensive defencemen this season. Easily a first round pick, and a great young defenceman to build.  What makes Jbo so valuable is that he still has another year left in his contract.


Leading scorer, cheap with a touch of grit.  What makes him so enticing is his cheap contract. A $2.5 million contract is a steal. We could easily get in a bidding war for his services.  I can imagine a couple of prospects and a number one pick.


I still feel he is one of the best in the game; he thrives on pressure and plays with the best. I would think they could get a cheaper goalie with a second rounder, which the Flames so badly need.

I could go on but a future with three first rounders would hold a bright future. It would also give some cap relief in the off season. So yes, I am strongly in favour of a rebuild.

But not everyone agrees with me.  Here is another opinion from Mike Walsh:

If I was running the Flames, I would never, ever intentionally rebuild.  The only time I would rebuild is if it was forced upon the franchise, this is what happened up in Edmonton. They were hit so hard with injuries that they decided to blow it up. So, I would retool.

The Flames do have some attractive pieces that should be able to fetch a good return at or leading up to the  deadline. I could list almost every single player who should or could be moved but it is much easier to list the players that should not move. I wouldn’t move Jay Bouwmeester unless the return is something they absolutely cannot turn down. I wouldn’t move Dennis Wideman, he has some shortcomings in his own zone but his work with the puck, particularly on the power play is something this teams has seen in a long time. I wouldn’t move Jiri Hudler. He is so incredibly smart with the puck and is rarely knocked off the puck. Despite becoming injury prone, I’d give Mikael Backlund another chance. He was well on his way to what appeared to be a breakout season so give him another chance. I think I’d hold on to TJ Brodie as well. He is developing nicely into a top 4 guy, Wideman has been a great mentor for him. All other are up for grabs.

In my ideal dream world, I trade Giordano for younger forward, preferably a center. I then turn around a flip Glencross for a defenseman. I put Comeau on the block and if there are no takers, I waive him.

So what do you think?



  2. I can see the points both of you and Mike made. I'm not sure what I want to happen. I had some optimism for this team this season, especially with having Hartley on board. However, the core isn't consistent and I'm disappointed yet again. I can only play the waiting game...

    1. Been disappointed all season Kayce, tired of seeing same old stuff.

      Jason to bad were not the GM :).


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