Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Trade Deadline Highlights

A small update on the news of the day in Flames land:

First of all, the Flames send Comeau to the Jackets for a fifth rounder coming back to Calgary.

Kipper's refusal to report

The biggest news of the day came early as Kipper decides to say no to the Leafs. You can tell Kipper battled with this choice and finally decided to stay. I really appreciated the class of Feaster coming to the defense of Kipper. He is hoping the fans do not hold it against Kipper and reminding everyone where this franchise would be without him. Kipper is still not making his mind up on what he is going to do next season.

2nd biggest story: 25 teams calling Glencross

Obviously, the Flames have made a commitment to Scarface (an affectionate nickname which I will never understand). I found this a little surprising, since he probably could have brought the biggest return. I guess it comes down to the Flames deciding to build around him.

Flames sign prospect goalie Reto Berra

The Flames are really excited about the young prospect, liking the fact that he is a great positional net-minder. They also feel they have the two best goalies not to play in the NHL.  Who would of thought our goaltending tandem would be Ramo and Berra; but that is where we are.

Flames want no free rides

No excuses. Feaster has no patience for mailing it in. The Flames will be a hard-working team and they owe it to their fans to be so.

Extra cap space an asset

The Flames will be active in the off season. While other teams will be having to make decisions on getting down the cap, the Flames will be able and willing to take some of their players. This is why it was such a huge asset for the Blues to take the whole cap.



  1. Wish the Flames would have done more today. But at the end of the day I think Feaster has us set up nicely for a very deep draft.

  2. Now it just depends on how badly the Avalanche want to tank.

  3. Exactly Nick we needed to do more. Paul exactly or the Pantgers.


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