Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Flames Panel Judgment Day: Sean Monahan

The Flames used their sixth pick in the first round selection to select Sean Monahan.  I can give you the obvious reasons. There is no doubt why they picked him.  The question is should he play this season?

I have no problem with the selection. I have no trouble with Sean, he is a terrific young player.  So today Flames panel is whether or not Sean deserves to be on the team.

First of all my two cents.

On why I think he should:

#1 Leadership - He knows what it is like to play on a bad team. He showed his 67s teammates how to play by his example.  He never asked his teammates to do anything he hadn't already executed himself.

He is a complete player

Simply put, he may not be outstanding in one part of the game.  But he is very good in all of his game. He will help the Flames, especially in the draws in the defensive zone. He is great play maker who would be a great combination with Cammy.

On why I don't think he should:

I hate when teams rush their young players.  The Flames need to take their time with this young stud. I too often see teams ruining a player's career by pressuring him into more than the prospect is ready for.

What I think the Flames will do:

The Flames suck at Centre. They are desperately in need of a new knight in shining armor. They will try everything to keep him and give him every opportunity to make the team.

Dearen's answers:

Should Sean Monahan make the Calgary Flames this coming season?

This will be a debate for the next month and some until the Flames have played 10 regular season games. Monahan will get a long hard look and will be given the opportunity to make this team. But the argument is do we want this kid to be around a losing environment for his first pro year?

You can argue that the Flames will finish in the bottom five this year and it will be a long season. But, the coaches and the players do not have this mindset. And honestly, as a fan, neither do I. Anything is possible and the games will have to be played. If Monahan can help, plus gain valuable experience I want him up with the big club.      

Monahan is the best prospect the Flames have and has been in a losing environment with the Ottawa 67s and took the road to lead the team instead of folding up and asking for a trade. That speaks volumes about this guy and makes me believe that he could handle a pro season on a transitioning team. Even if we send him back to the OHL he will be on a bad team anyway. So, do you want him developing with the Flames and learning to be a pro and perhaps not play every day with the possibility that he excels in his first year? Or do you want him going to juniors where he will play on a bad team and gain very little?

Sure, he can be traded by the 67s and play on a more competitive team and hopefully make it to the memorial cup and gain some more experience. But in my opinion unless he looks way over his head in training camp and the first 9 NHL games, you do not send him back. Let him become a pro and let him go play for Canada at the World Juniors at Christmas.

Monahan physically looks like he can hold his own and has been training with Cammalleri in Ontario this off season. I trust he will be ready and we will get a good look at the prospect tournament in Penticton coming up.

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  1. He will stay all year, I just hope they let him play!


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