Monday, September 30, 2013

Camp notes

As the camp ends, I thought I would just give my impressions on the past week.

Jay Feaster says don't call my Flames "lames"

As we waited for the roster this season, the doom and gloom reign supreme.  Everywhere we go, the Flames get told they are bottom dwellers.  Apparently, Feaster has heard too much of it.  He blasted the media, saying "I do not give a rat's ****** what you guys think."  Good on him. The players need to know that management believe in them. I love the fact that Feaster has not given up on them. The man is a great personnel motivator.

Burke lets loose on Baertschi 

Sometimes we forget how young Sven is. He is still learning. Although I agree with what Burke said, I do not agree with how he went about it. I just do not like management ever airing dirty laundry in public.  I agree with player discipline, just not in public.

Burke comments

I loved the quote "being paid to be patient."  I just hope we can be patient with the young players.  I also liked how he took the pressure off of Joe Colborne, describing him as a David Steckel type of player. He really wanted to make sure that he is not here to save the team.  A great maneuver by Burke to say what is expected of the kid and keep the pressure off of a 23 year old rookie.  I also love the fact he refused to label this team or predict how this team will do in this situation. 

Goalie situation 

In reality, this was penciled in before the season started. The Flames would never admit it, but common sense should prevail.  Berra had to be almost perfect.  He was on a two-way contract.  Financially, it was the best choice.  In all honesty, I do not think he was good enough to take the spot as the back-up slot.  He will be back this season if Feaster is being honest. 

Joe Colborne coming home

All I can say is: Welcome home. Joe is a great fit for the Flames.  As long as they use him to his strengths, he is a solid two-way center. Do not expect him to score 40 goals and have a 100-point season. I expect he can develop into a scorer, but let's get his defensive game first. We all know what wins cups.  Defense wins cups. 

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