Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Brian Burke Joins the Calgary Flames

Brian Burke

The Calgary Flames have announced that Brian Burke will join the organization as the President of Hockey Operations. Also the team announced that John Bean has been named as Chief Operating Officer, overseeing day-to-day operations.

Brian Burke will report to Ken King, as King’s role has not changed and will not change. Jay Feaster will remain the General Manager but will report directly to Brian Burke.  All other management and coaching positions remain the same.

 Brian says he has a lot of respect for Jay Feaster and likes what he has been doing with the Calgary Flames team. Burke said “I was at the draft and I thought Calgary won the draft. As a neutral observer; I felt the Flames won the 2013 draft.”

Brian Burke shared his three pillars:
                1. Play entertaining & physical hockey. Burke mentions becoming a bigger team
                2. Run this like a business
                3. Community service. Burke went on to say "Players give back to the community, if not they play somewhere else"

We know Brian Burke is a community guy and that was evident while he was in Toronto.
Now, let us hope when Burke says “bigger & more physical” that does not mean slow and less skilled. The Flames last two years have moved away from the big slower players and incorporated and drafted more skill and finesse. However if you look at the rookie camp roster, the Flames only brought two guys under six feet tall. Looking at Burke’s teams in the past, we can see he likes his big rugged d-men whole play a two way game. Calgary in my opinion lacks this on their team, and I think that is what he meant.

Some other quick notes:

-Ken King said the list included 60 names with Brian Burke always being at the top of the list.
-Jay Feaster was always part of the process
-Brian Burke said he will take a “background role” when it comes to speaking to the media
-Brian feels no professional sports organization comes even close to what the Flames do for the community of Calgary.

- Brian Burke also said "Players need to know management is going to back them up"

After the press conference Brian Burke did a quick interview with Hockey Central. During the interview he said “As far as I know Miikka Kiprusoff is planning on retiring.” With Kiprusoff being in town for his son’s school, we may get an announcement in the coming days ahead.

As for my thoughts on Brian Burke: I believe he brings respect, demands respect and a no BS kind of attitude that this organization can use during this rebuild.

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