Thursday, December 12, 2013

What to do with all that cash

While I was writing this blog, the Flames cleaned house and announced the firings of Jay Feaster and Assistant GM John Weisbrod. In reality, because Mr. Burke is not a patient man.   He gave Feaster 75 days and – phffffffffttt this is not working – showed him the door. 

The major point I got out the press conference was that he was frustrated with the Flames’ inability to holding onto leads. Let me ask you this – what did he think was going to happen with a rebuild team?  Blowing leads is going to happen. Which leads me believe he either has a problem with rebuilding or he hates it.

Of course, that means we have to learn how to draft players who can actually skate and score. (Rico cough cough Rico Fata).  We have to be careful about drafting those duds (Daniel cough cough Tkaczuk). Then there is  the skipping over a obvious pick because you think you’re smarter than everyone else.  That person then becomes star (picking Kidd over Brodeur, for example).  Or we can not draft a player for popularity (Brent Krahn).  Even if you are trying to save the team.

So yes there are is a good point to be made for drafting carefully, and the Flames’ past picks have been complete bust. But to Jay's defense, he was not the GM who made those choices. So who have the Flames drafted with Feaster?

The choice of Mark Jankowski might have the ire of Burke. Why, you may ask? Because he came out nowhere. Nobody had even have heard of him.  He has shown tons of promise and he has played well at times. But he has not hit a home run.  Yes, I recognize the irony – I predicted this draft choice, but I still have to analyze it without the blinders on.

In that same year, Feaster hit a home run in Jon Gillies, and outstanding goalie prospect. He has been everything the Flames have asked.  An outstanding choice by Feaster. Indeed a homer.

Another home run Feaster made is Sean Monahan. Sean has at times been the best player this season. He will be a stud for many years to come.

The eyesore for Burke is Sven Baertschi.  He has not matched the Flames expectations.  His performance has been up and down. In fact, he has been benched most of the season. As I write this blog, Sven has been sent down.

As trades go, Feaster has been on and off.  The Russell deal was a great trade. He has been outstanding. It could be argued that he has been the best dman.  He has a great shot, and has shown great composure in his own zone.

A trade that makes Feaster looks bad – he will always be known as the General Manager who traded Iggy. The biggest complaint I have heard from most people is why did he not wait until closer to the deadline? It seemed like he panicked and took the first offer he got.


The Flames are in a position that they have never been in.  They have tons and tons of cash, but as a team in rebuild mode, they will have a hard time enticing any superstar to come to the Stampede city. 

So what are their options? As I see it, they can trade for any overpaid contract and get some incentives from the teams.  Why would they do that? So they can get to the floor. One major factor here is trying to find a player who melds with the team.  In other words, any bum who can skate, who makes at least $6 million.   

Burke has said he did this to speed up the rebuild. Which tells me anything can happen. He is like a kid in a candy store. He is a wild card. He has lots of assets, telling everyone who  listens that we have to get bigger.  Which tells me that maybe Cammy's and Glencross' days are numbered. 



  1. Brian Burke steers this ship. Get ready for major money to be thrown at second line players in the off season. Goodbye Baertschi, Backlund, Gaudreau and Russell.

  2. Burke will spend money and your right.


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