Saturday, January 18, 2014

Heads will roll

Burke is having temper tantrums, saying it is not acceptable. Really, what did he expect with this team?
It's called a rebuild. The Flames do no have the depth to make up for the injuries. But that does not mean our players have to take days off. They have given up this season, shutting out the coaching staff.
What the coaching is selling, no one is buying. What is he selling? Their offense is disorganized; no one knows exactly what they are doing. Unless their offensive strategy is players running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Of late, the fans are celebrating if the Flames manage to score. Here is a hint – maybe we should shoot the puck at the net once in a while. 
Another problem is our size. But the way the Flames are doing it, they are not getting any better. Bigger players who can only do one thing are replacing the smaller players. On the bright side, the penalty killing is getting tons of practice. 
Then there is the guaranteed three or four giveaways a game, which gets turned into two goals a game. Guess what? We cannot score two goals a game! Which begs the question: if it is not the coaching, whose fault is it? If it is the players, then how about the scouts bringing in the players?
Dare I say the coaching has to take some of the blame? The players continue to be put into positions they have never been in. Colburn, for instance, getting thrown into the powerplay. He looks confused and has no idea what to do. For that matter, what did Ramo do to get benched? Both goalies are constantly pressured: win or sit. To add onto this, they realize if they make a mistake, it's another loss. 
They are expecting success from players getting thrown into impossible situations. Giving Butler over 20 minutes a game is ludicrous. How can you blame him for failing? It's not his fault that he is getting all those minutes. If he is that bad, why is he out there? He is a solid number 5. No one excels when they are put into a position to fail. 
So if heads are going to roll, dare I ask whose heads? Yes, I agree something has to happen. There are necessary player changes. But I hope some management or scouts have to pay too. 
So, Mr. Burke, the clock is ticking.



  1. *Colborne is loved by Burke. Hartley and the coaches are not the issue, neither was Keenan or Playfair. Like you said it is a rebuild. It will take time and the team will have scoring droughts. This team can not win battles on the boards and besides Cammy and at time Hudler; who has shown they can score on a regular basis in their career?? NO ONE! This comes to no surprise, you are asking third and a couple second line players to compete against the likes of San Jose, Anaheim, Vancouver, Chicago, ETC. Just is not gonna happen. We need another 2 strong drafts, a couple great trades and Gaudreau to fullfill his potential promise before this team can compete again. The coach does not matter, hire Ralph Krueger for all I care.

    Good conversation started Randy! Keep it up

  2. Jason you made some great points. We have to be patient and beg we trade for some picks and great assets.


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