Thursday, April 3, 2014

Season Slowly Coming to an End

This & That Update

As the season is slowly coming to a close, many little tid bits are surfacing. From Cammalleri to Gaudreau and the elusive GM search, an exciting off season lays ahead.

With the Flames playing a game in Toronto, Brian Burke made himself readily available to the media. Besides the obvious questions about being back in Canada’s largest city, he also addressed the Cammalleri contract situation.

Burke stated that the Flames have offered Cammalleri a contract that they feel is fair. Now, he followed that by saying that Cammalleri and his camp feel they can get a better deal in free agency. With the lack of top end talent come July 1, Cammalleri is likely right. We do not know what the Flames have offered but I would imagine Cammalleri is looking for a longer deal with an annual salary north of 5.5 per season.

It is starting to look like the Flames may end up watching Cammalleri walk for nothing. This will make some if not most of the fans upset, but all we can do is hope that Burke not selling him for a low pick will pay off in the future? I am not sure how that will pay off, but Burke stated that it is important the Flames send a message that they will not sell their talent for below for what they feel is market value.

The new GM search continues but sounds like it is on hold. Brian Burke on the FAN960 said it could take until July before they can continue to interview possible candidates. This means Burke will be in control at the draft. With that said keep an eye on George McPhee, if the Capitals fail to make the playoffs and with an expiring contract, George could be out as the GM in Washington. I am not saying he is my #1 choice, but he will be a front runner if he does indeed need a new job. McPhee would allow for a seamless transition for Brian Burke.

Now the Gaudreau situation, it just keeps getting more and more intriguing. The latest is his father; Guy Gaudreau who in an article by Dave Isaac from the Courier-Post was quoted saying:

"My wife and I, we've argued about it quite a few times," Guy Gaudreau said. "As a father, and her as a mother, we'd love for him to go back for his senior year and get a degree. As a hockey person that knows the game, it would be better for him if he wanted to eventually make the NHL to go sign with Calgary."
"If the management they had there before was there, like (former general manager Jay) Feaster, the ones that drafted him, I'd be really comfortable letting him go," Guy Gaudreau said. "I know that (Calgary president of hockey operations) Brian Burke likes big boys, big hockey players. My son is not a big hockey player. He's made it clear that he likes him or whatever, but I don't think he's sold on him. That's been John all his life, wherever he tried out. It's always been, 'He's got to prove himself, prove himself, and prove himself.' He's done that over and over and over."

Interesting comments for sure but I can understand where he is coming from as a parent. This saga continues and will only ramp up if he decides to return for his senior year at Boston College. Gaudreau cannot become a NHL free agent until August 15, 2015.

Transaction news:
Wotherspoon will miss the rest of the season and will undergo shoulder surgery. With the Wotherspoon injury; Chris Breen has been called up along with Mark Cundari. Cundari who was loaned to the Chicago Wolves earlier in the year. Since he has been with the Wolves he has done fairly well, recording 13 points in 22 games while being a plus player.

I think it is safe to say that both guys are being closely watched and evaluated. With expiring contracts on both guys (Breen UFA, Cundari RFA) Burke will want to see some progression if they want a new contract with the Flames. Wideman, Smid, Granlund and David Jones remain on the IR. 


  1. If Burke loses Gaudreau I will lose my S***

  2. Stajan and Byron leave the team for personal reasons. Hope everything is ok. I must admit I am starting to dislike the name McPhee, I sure hope he does not become the GM.


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