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Saturday, January 25, 2014

My thoughts on Cammy

Today blog is on my thought of the future of Mike Cammalleri. Obviously, the Flames will trade him, but to where? What happens if the Flames do not trade and re-sign him. 
So let's first discuss the reasons the Flames would keep the scoring forward. 
The first one is simply an economic one. The Flames need payroll. The Flames have to add to just to get to the floor. With Cammy, they will at least get $6 million, which is a good step to getting there.
The second reason is simply that the rebuild is over. Sorry, if Burke is thinking of doing that in the off-season, he is crazy. Burke will have to do some major brown nosing to get this done. There is no way Cammy signs here unless the Flames make some bold moves.
The more plausible transaction would be trading Cammy for assets. This is the option I would pick. So, here are the three top teams to deal with, in my opinion.
1. Pens
The Pens need one more scoring forward. If the Pens have one weakness, it's the secondary scoring. Cammy would be a perfect fit for Brandon Sutter. Cammy may be the key piece for the cap run.
Dream compensation
We would never get it, but my dream would be Beau Bennett, the picture-perfect power forward. Again, there is no way we get him. 
2. Kings
They cannot score. No punch at all. Cammy will be an instant cure. This is the team who are the most desperate for him, 
Say it with me: Tyler Toffoli. This kid has everything. Again, not much of chance, but I would ask. 
3. Wings 
The Wings are a borderline team. Cammy might very well push them over the line. He is a quality sniper who would be vital to their success.
A top prospect and a first. Or, if it's a player, Joakim Andersson. He is a good, young centre that we could build around.
Two more teams on honourable mention list:
Ducks and Flyers.
My prediction:
Cammy will be traded, I just do not see that he wants to stay. I think the Kings are the most desperate to get him. But the problem is, it will cost him more with the Kings in the division. But they are my team of choice to acquire him.

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